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About Us

Hi, I'm Joy, owner of UXcel based out of Los Angeles, CA. I am passionate about helping you excel in your job search so you can land the job that you love! I look forward to working with you.

Los Angeles Resume Writing Service
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My Story

I was a tech sales executive until 2020 when I got laid off for the sixth (yes, 6!) time in my career due to COVID-19. I was tired of corporate layoffs and was offered an opportunity pivoting into Executive Recruiting under a great mentor, so I took the leap of faith. Being an Executive Recruiter has opened my eyes to see that many job seekers do not know how to market their skills properly on their resumes.

My first layoff was in 2001 during the WorldCom collapse. I started learning how to write my own resume which helped me go through a few more corporate layoffs in the years to come. When I started a new job in 2004, on my first day of employment, the HR Manager showed me a 2" stack of resumes and said, "We picked you out of all these!" I knew then that I was honing in on my resume writing and interviewing skills.

My Experience

In 2004, I started writing resumes for family and friends, and coached them through the interview process on the side. It was rewarding to me when they told me they landed new jobs because of my coaching. Words started to spread, and I became the go-to "resume person" when someone was job searching.

The most notable and satisfying to me was when I helped a friend who took a long sabbatical due to health issues AND was transitioning into a brand new field without prior experience. I built his resume, his LinkedIn profile, and coached him through the entire interview process. This resulted in his salary jumping from $24,000/year to a $50,000/year position in the field he wanted to get into within two years, then he moved onto another $100,000/year position one year thereafter.

Now that I am working for myself (and loving it!), I decided to start this small business helping more people walk through the stressful and anxious job search process by sharing the knowledge I've gained through my own experience.

Los Angeles Resume Writing Service
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